Model Y Third Row with Rear-Facing Car Seat

Model Y Third Row with Rear-Facing Car Seat

I stopped by my local Tesla showroom, which received a three-row Model Y last weekend. I wanted to see how a rear-facing car seat fits in the vehicle. The upshot is that I was not able to fit a rear-facing car seat in either the second row or third row without fully pushing back / forward the non-car seat row.

A few additional observations:

  • I did not experiment much with moving the two front seats forward. They were positioned in a way that provided me adequate leg room, but in theory I could have moved them forward somewhat to gain more room in the second row to better allow for a rear-facing car seat.
  • I am 5’10 and there was barely enough clearance for my head in the third row. If there were bumps on the road, I would almost certainly bang my head against the glass. I would probably need to slightly tilt my head downward to avoid any issues. But overall I thought the third row was comfortable enough for a short trip. I also thought getting into and out of the third row was not too difficult.
  • Getting kids into or out of rear-facing car seats in the third row is very tricky. There isn’t much room to maneuver to reach your arms around the car seat to unlatch the child. I think it would actually be easier to do this through the hatchback, which is the way I had to install the rear-facing car seat because there is not enough room through the second-row passenger doors.

It is recommended that kids use rear-facing car seats until they are at least two years old. Depending on the car seat and weight of the child, that age can go as high as five. For those who have kids in that age range, you might not get too much use out of a third row.

View from second row with rear-facing car seat in third row. Second row is fully moved forward for car seat to fit.

View from third row with rear-facing car seat in second row. Had to move the second row fully back to accommodate the car seat.

View from second row with rear-facing car seat. Second row moved fully back to fit car seat.

View from trunk overlooking third row. Second row fully moved forward to accommodate rear-facing car seat.

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