Has anyone with MCU1 and 2020.48.12+ seen Tesla’s software fixes for MCU failures work?

As mentioned in https://insideevs.com/news/485717/tesla-vp-tells-nhtsa-mcus-wear-parts/As of 2020.48.12, Teslas with failing MCUs will

keep defrosting/defogging instructions in case the MCU failed and would set the cabin temperature to 22ºC (71.6ºF) in every new trip after that. It would also “initiate windshield defrosting/defogging to ensure sufficient windshield visibility.” The newer 2020.48.12 update would also take care of defogging and make the rearview camera show its images on the center display when the MCU failed. Apart from that, the car would warn the driver to schedule the MCU’s replacement one to six months before it died.

This seems like a good stopgap until they are able to replace all the MCU daughter boards (which they should be doing via the recall), since that can’t happen instantly.

I was wondering if anyone with the affected hardware, and newer software had seen these mitigations in action?

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