For M3 Performance owners that are planning to switch to a refreshed LR Model S…

Are you worried about performance? I know the new 0-60 time says 3.1s, which is better than the 3.2s that was quoted when I bought mine in 2019 (though not now, I think), but I’m unsure having driven a 2019 Model S without performance package. That car felt a lot slower off the line, though it definitely had a lot of punch once it got rolling. I’m not honestly sure how the specs compare between the ’19 and the refresh, but it seems that they probably did something to the motors or power delivery since the specs seem improved.

I’m stoked for the size of S (three kids here, and we take trips to the vacation home frequently in my 3…), and of course I understand a bigger/heavier car is going to carry penalties for accel and “tossability”, but I’m on the fence as to whether I should spring for the Plaid.

Your thoughts?

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