Test drove my first Tesla today with every expectation of buying a new SR MY

Good morning, all. Last night I went to the closest Tesla dealership for a test drive and my first ever experience with a Tesla/EV. I spent hours and hours on research over the past several months and with the recent release of the SR MY and myself purchasing my first home, I thought I’d finally be making the switch. Please excuse the wall of text; I’ll work on formatting once I get coffee and sit at my PC. For now, I’m writing this up from my bed as the memories are fresh and I’m unable to sleep.

A bit of background: I’m a 30 year old guy who would consider myself a former “car guy” but have shifted towards practicality in recent years. Loving tech and finally having my own home to charge an EV, I thought this switch would be a no brainer, but my test drive didn’t seal the deal for me as expected.

I test drove the new SR MY as this is what I had decided would be the model I would buy. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t test drive a performance model and then purchase the SR, which I can imagine feel vastly different in terms of acceleration.

First thing I noticed- The seats were the most comfortable that I had ever sat in. Truly, they’re a dream. The white interior was beautiful in person and the leather felt so smooth. Myself and my GF talked about them repeatedly on the ~45 minute drive home, but unfortunately, that’s where the wow factor stopped.

Upon sitting down into the Y, a Tesla employee gave me a brief rundown of how everything works prior to our departure. Shockingly, the screen was unresponsive and laggy on more than one occasion and section of the settings. This was extremely surprising to myself, my GF and the employee and certainly disheartening, given the fact that everything is operated from this screen. It occurred again, even while on the drive and my GF attempted to click around. Is this common? I sure hadn’t seen it in the YouTube videos I had viewed. I’m not sure of an explanation but I can’t think of a great one.

One foot driving- This didn’t come as a surprise to me like it may to some as I had read about it pretty extensively. But the harshness certainly took a bit to get used to. During my drive, I wasn’t able to master it and become a smooth driver. Sure, it would probably become second nature after a few days. But with my small taste of Tesla, I can’t say I loved this feature, but certainly understand the engineering benefits.

The pano sunroof was beautiful! I loved it but also wondered how effective the tint is when the sun is overhead. I previously owned a 2016 VW GTI that had a mesh screen that covered the sunroof when closed. Even with the mesh and the tinted glass, I still found myself wanting a form of a blackout cover. I can’t help but think that the MY would also leave me feeling this way at one point or another. I’d love to hear back Fr on anyone with opinions on this.

Space- This was my favorite aspect of the vehicle. Sitting upright, comfortable and having tons of cargo room was truly incredible. I also laid down in the back with my GF and I can confidently say that we could sleep in this vehicle if we were to take it camping (I’m 6’4”).

Suspension- Many reported a harsh ride in their MY. I didn’t find this to be the case at all. The car rod smooth, lacked major wind noise (single pane glass on this test drive vehicle) and was overall very pleasant to ride in.

Acceleration- Many people overhyped this for me. Although the SR MY is “slow” for a Tesla at 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, many told me that the instant torque of an EV would surprise me and be very addicting. This was not the case at all. Enough so that I asked the sales associate to come out to the vehicle after my drive to see if the car was on valet mode or something similar. It was truly sluggish and not in any way impressive to me. Context: I currently drive a 2019 VW Golf R with minor modifications that have my 0-60 at ~3.5 seconds.

FSD- I had zero intentions of purchasing this package but knew I had to try it on my test drive. From lack of aggression to hugging the yellow line around turns, I wasn’t able to tolerate allowing the vehicle to drive for long. I didn’t feel initial confidence in it and in very little time, I confirmed the notion that I wouldn’t want to pay for that feature. One question I do have to you all- is the audible tone announcing a green light available without self driving? I truly loved that feature.

Overall if I had to rate the SR MY, I’d probably give it a 7.6/10. It’s a fine car and may scratch the itch for those wanting a spacious EV for less than a MX, but for me, the hype was far too strong. I came in with high expectations, expecting to leave the lot, placing an order and saying goodbye to my beloved Golf R. But I can confidently say that I won’t be purchasing a SR MY anytime soon, if ever. I know I’m disparaging this vehicle in a Tesla subreddit where the fans are passionate, but I wanted to accept the downvotes that will follow in hopes of giving an unbiased opinion that differs from the majority that I’ve came across. I’ll gladly answer questions about my experience in the comments and would love to hear feedback from anyone who is willing to cultivate constructive conversation regarding this topic. For now, happy Sunday and thank you for reading.

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