Suggestion I haven’t seen before: buy FSD by single item

Posting here because I don’t really understand how twitter works and how Elon sees some posts from average Joes with so many people tweeting at him, anyway:

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this suggestion before.

I just ordered a model 3 (France) and so hyped about it. But I do know it’s gonna be a pain in the bottom to get out of the car in my garage, which is kinda small. I don’t have a lot of room to open the door and get out. Even with easy access. It’s doable, but not comfortable. I’m willing to go through the annoyment because I REALLY wanted a Tesla. The thing is: I wouldn’t park in my garage if I had an ICE since no need to charge.

I can’t afford FSD which is 7500€ here and even the limited version (3800€). Literally bought the lowest price model 3 which is now 36800€ after the huge price drop (literally made it possible for me to buy).

So here’s my thinking: Elon has talked about FSD as a subscription but why not offer it as item per item, AKA I could just buy the basic summon to drive the car forward and backwards from my phone meaning in and out of my garage, for, like 500€. Since I’m not going to buy the full FSD anyway this would be a win-win for Tesla and I. It would make it it so much less annoying to have to park in the garage to charge!

EDIT: cool downvotes, seems like a nice community to be joining…

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