Model S plaid(+) or cybertruck?

I currently own a 2019 long range model 3 and looking for my next purchase. I’m not sure if I want the revised model S (I didn’t like the interior of the old ones) or the cybertruck.

I like the speed and range of the S along with all the interior features. But I live in a rural part of the south so low ground clearance can sometimes (like 3% of the time) be an issue. I’ve already scratched the bottom of my model 3s bumper 3x since I’ve had it.

The truck can be useful and seems like it would last more years than the S, I love the utility of the truck in case I need to haul anything or work on anything and camping on road trips seems more ideal in the truck than the S. But I’m not a truck fan in general and always owned cars, not a big fan of big vehicles.

I’m pretty much stuck between utility of the truck, or the fun of the S. Need help making a decision.

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