Can tesla make enough solar energy?

So I have always been wondering how much power it would take if every car, truck, SUV was electric, so I did the math. I took an upgraded 2020 tesla model 3 standard range plus, the kWh per 100 miles were 15 (I know it’s extremely low I just want to show you some numbers, you can easily do this yourself) so I also took the average number of miles driven in a year in the USA (13,500miles) and took how many vehicles are registered around (275,000,000)and did this problem:

13,500 ÷ 100 = 135<figuring out how many kwh it would use

15 × 135 = 2,025<how many kWh just one vehicle would use in a year

275,000,000 × 2,025 = 556,875,000,000<all of it put together

556,875,000,000 ÷ 1,000 = 556,875,000 <kWh to megawatts

556,875,000 ÷ 2,245 = 248,051< how many of the worlds largest solar farms you would need

So yeah that’s a lot of megawatts, and I’m not trying to be that guy “gAs iS BeTtEr” but I’m just generally considered that electric cars will need to be powered by nuclear power, coal, etc because at 248,051 of the worlds largest solar power plants that would we’ll over 2 trillion dollars just to power the cars in just the USA, not even other countries just one. I have done this multiple times and the same thing keeps coming up in my mind, The cars are plenty aerodynamic, their batteries have plenty of kwh but are pretty heavy, the things that need to happen to make these numbers go down is, lower weight and more efficient electric motors. Yeah I know it’s not that easy but it’s going to be the only way I buy a Tesla. If I can truly know that I’m making a difference in getting rid of harmful Energy plants and burning gas. Yes, I understand this is every vehicle registered in the USA, but what about those Tesla Semis that are going to probably be well over 250kwh+ per semi, and there are going to be thousands of these trucks on the road so it could be even worse than these numbers for years and years. So now that you read all of my rantings what do you think? What were your numbers?

Btw my numbers aren’t perfect but they are there for an idea. If you can give better numbers please do I love learning numbers ❤

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