7-seat Model Y demo vehicle now available at the Park Meadows Tesla Store in Denver, CO

Just had the opportunity to check out the Model Y with 7 seat configuration at the Park Meadows Mall this afternoon.

This is noteworthy since I haven’t heard of this configuration being available previously other than the two locations in California. I suppose other locations should be getting these demo vehicles in store/showroom very shortly.

A few notes: the manager said they received the vehicle only yesterday (5 Feb). I didn’t check the build date or VIN, sadly (too busy with family in tow).

The vehicle currently is only available to view, not test drive (although ironically someone had accidentally lent it out for a test drive, which the manager was upset about).

As far as the build, it had the heated steering wheel, white seats, white paint. Old headlights. Old center console. Couldn’t confirm HEPA filter, but unlikely.

Let me know if you have any questions. Give the store a call if you want to check it out. They may move it indoors to the showroom soon, however, since they don’t intend on making it for test drives, yet…

Edited to add: our impressions were much like we anticipated based on videos previously shared on YouTube by other people. Definitely tight for taller people, but a very good solution for families looking for an affordable 7-seat EV. We’re excited to have ours delivered, hopefully soon!

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