2021 M3LR – Heat pump stopped working??

So my drive into work this morning, the car read a balmy -32c (-25.5f). This is my first time driving in true Canadian winter Temps, and I was excited to see what the experience was like!! Everything seemed fine at first, I had pre-warmed my car while it was plugged in inside my garage (best thing about EV ownership!), and headed to work. Cabin was nice and toasty, regenerative breaking was working well for the first 15km of my trip.

Then all of a sudden it seemed like the heat pump gave up?? My window started to fog and the cabin was no longer warm. I turned everything on to maximum, and told the car to recycle the air inside the car rather than bringing in fresh air, however the car never warned up again!! Luckily I was wearing a winter coat and the heated seats worked fine, but that was not a pleasant experience at all.

Any ideas? I’m going to a service visit on February 10th so if I can bring this up while I’m there it’ll save a trip.

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