Valet driver damaged my car. Trying to figure out how to proceed.

Hi all,

A valet driver in my apartment building was moving my car and scraped a cement pole. The damage appears to be extremely minor—I’m pretty sure it can just be painted over.

The driver is new. The manager told me the company fires drivers if they report to their insurance and make one mistake. So the driver is willing to pay me out of pocket to avoid getting fired. I’m not really keen on taking money from someone who’s not making much to begin with and who just fucking started his job.

So I haggled some with the manager and alternatively they’ll give me a couple of months for free parking to make up the cost. The guy keeps his job and won’t owe me out of pocket for an honest and minor mistake.

Before I agree to anything I was hoping someone here could spitball an estimate on repair. Or just tell me I’m better off going to a body shop. I’m happy to do that but I was skeptical of going “on the record” and having damage reported to Tesla.

Also, this is a lease. So I’m not sure what requirements there are regarding that. Am I obligated to get it repaired?

(I’m sure some here will call me a sucker and tell me it’s the kid’s fault and to make him pay. And that’s fine. But it’s been a shitty year for all of us and I’d rather be cool about this where I can.)

Link to damage.

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