Thinking about purchasing model 3

I’m trying to come up with a pros/cons list for a model 3. I wanted to hear the input of people who already own the car or just have more knowledge than me. If I were to get a model 3 it would be my only car. I’m looking to replace my current vehicle.

I drive my cars for years until they die. Does the battery degrade faster than mechanical failure? So will I end up having to pay for a new battery before I end up paying for mechanical repairs? Some of the benefits for me are the tax benefits, no more gas, the range is better than my current gas vehicle.

Some cons, always needed to be a drive away from a charging station, needing specialized mechanics for repairs.

One final note, whatever car I get it will be stored outside when not in use. It will be directly next to an outlet and about 5 feet from the garage. I’ve heard here and there that’s a bad idea for tesla’s. I live in Virginia in the usa. We get 20F on winters with some snow and ice and 100F during the summer.

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