The front glass seems low in M3, how is MY compared?

Hey there people, greetings from Norway!

So, here the other day me and my better part (girl) tested the M3. Felt great, but no matter our seat settings we felt that the front glass is actually very low. Hard to write in a way that makes sense, it all just felt a bit weird. For comparison we drive a Nissan Leaf 1st gen now, and that feels as you are higher up but still in a good position to front glass.

Now, MY is not available to test yet here in Norway, thus I rely on you great people of the Internet. How would you say MY fares compared to M3, and / or do you understand the strange thing I try to formulate here (and how it compares)?

Both me and my better part is about 180 cm or whatever number that translates into freedom units. Thanks a lot for information and help!

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