PSA about error “(CP_a054) Charge port latch not engaged”

I just sat at a supercharger with my unconsolable wife because we couldn’t charge enough to make it home. We were getting the following errors:

(CP_a079) Charge rate reduced – Charge port may be frozen try preconditioning on HI with Mobile App

(CP_a054) Charge port latch not engaged Fully insert charge cable or check for obstruction

Both the charge port and the supercharger cable were clear of debris, even though 2 of the 8 cables had been left buried in the snow.


It ended up being the actual supercharger cable that seemed to cause this. Testing out every cable brought us to a working one and we were on our way. I didn’t see this specific situation mentioned online yet, but I did get the idea from this thread on

“As this alert is usually specific to external charging equipment and power sources, and it does not typically indicate an issue with your vehicle that can be resolved by scheduling service, it is recommended that you:

• Make sure the charge cable is fully inserted during charging.

• Make sure any charge port inlet obstruction has been removed.”

I hope some find this helpful, and maybe someone has extra tips to add?

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