Is Tesla planning to test the Semi in Australia?

I know a lot of truck companies test prototype trucks here in Australia, as we have the awesome weather (upwards of 45°C/110°F), long stretches at 100kmh, and B-Double and Road Train Type 1 and Type 2 routes all over the place.

We also have plenty of Oversize/Overmass movements and routes to do some bizarre things.

Like the average B-Double is 26m (1,023 inches/85ft) and a Type 2 Road Train at 52.5m (172ft/2,066 inches) and they can be 67 tonnes/150,000lbs and 160 tonnes/350,000lbs respectively.

Australia can give you big loads, harsh weather, long distance, and high speed all day, everyday.

Just the other day I passed a single truck 220T (485,000lbs) Transformer for a mine site just being hauled right through the middle of the city. This stuff is very normalised.

To the point most trucks have the rally cry on a sign on the bullbar “Without Trucks, Australia Stops

I can’t find any info quickly on what the Semi can fully haul, but I’d certainly be very interested in driving one as a test driver if they do come here.

And I mean, it makes sense, after all, Volvo, Mack, Scania, MAN, Freightliner, Kenworth, DAF, etc all test here. Would make sense Tesla would too.

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