How can I “Claim Ownership” of a used Tesla when the link won’t appear on my Account page, and support won’t talk to me until I’ve claimed ownership?

I bought a used Tesla this week 500 miles away from home, and physically walked in to the dealership in Kansas City on my way back, where even they had difficulty getting the Claim Ownership link to appear on my account page. But then it finally did, we submitted my documents, and then I got a “no-reply” email saying I need to resubmit my documents, but the included link just takes me back to my Account Settings page, where the Claim Ownership link does not appear.

I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, Android, Linux, Windows, clearing cookies, incognito mode, the Tesla App and iOS Safari at the dealership.

I sent an email to, and received a canned response that you have to contact them through your account page, which brings me to a contact form with only two selectable topics: ordering a roof or becoming an installer.

Anybody have any insight? Love the car. Have already started paying for repairs. Would like to join the club, please.

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